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Innovating the Public Square through Cooperative Journalism

Local Ownership Matters

The Inland Empire Journalism Hub aims to establish a groundbreaking and innovative model of cooperative journalism that fosters collaboration, inclusivity, and community empowerment. As a locally owned and operated cooperative initiative, the Journalism Hub will prioritize comprehensive and relevant news coverage, encourage civic engagement, and provide a platform for diverse voices within the Inland Empire. This new model and approach could redefine why strong local ownership matters in journalism.

Innovating the Public Square through Cooperative Journalism

Cooperative journalism has the potential to recreate the public square by fostering collaboration, inclusivity, and participatory engagement.   By establishing collaborative newsrooms, engaging the public, promoting transparency and trust, leveraging technology, and strengthening media literacy, we can create an environment where diverse voices are heard, informed discussions thrive, and democracy flourishes.   Through this cooperative approach, we can revitalize the public square and ensure it remains a vibrant space for democratic dialogue in the digital era.

A Transformative Model for the Future

The Inland Empire Journalism Hub is poised to revolutionize journalism in the region by embracing cooperative principles, fostering collaboration, and amplifying diverse voices. Through comprehensive news coverage, community engagement, and an inclusive approach to journalism, the Journalism Hub will empower the Inland Empire community, strengthen civic participation, and contribute to positive social change.

By the end of the first year, the Inland Empire Journalism Hub will have established itself as a prominent platform for cooperative journalism, fostering collaboration, community engagement, and a vibrant exchange of ideas. The cooperative will continue to evolve and strengthen its impact, serving as a catalyst for positive change within the Inland Empire region.

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To learn more about the Inland Empire Journalism Hub & Fund and how you can support it, click below.

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