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Bridging Gaps. 
Fostering Impact. 
Empowering Communities.

We are field catalysts for local media and journalism.

Equimedia Advisors is a holistic field catalyst consultancy dedicated to crafting equitable support systems through research, data-centered decision-making, and innovative design. We aim to empower sustainable philanthropy, cooperative journalism, thriving communities, and aligned partnerships, fostering meaningful collective impact for a more robust democracy.

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Catalytic Field Building

Empowering Transformation through Cooperation & Partnerships


Equimedia Advisors stands as a pioneering field catalyst organization, embracing the role of a catalytic field builder to drive transformative change. As a catalyst, we are committed to working collaboratively and proactively with diverse stakeholders to address complex challenges and pave the way for impactful solutions.


In the realm of field catalysis, our approach aligns with being a hub for the multitude of spokes that constitute advocacy and action. We engage with stakeholders across the spectrum—advocates, organizations, nonprofits, NGOs, governmental institutions, for-profits, community networks, and beyond—to coalesce efforts and drive momentum towards a defined goal.

Our role as catalysts entails meticulous mapping of the field's landscape, tracing the intricate connections and relationships that shape it. By identifying existing initiatives and organizations that offer promising solutions, we are able to strategically connect the dots between funders, change agents, and institutions that play a vital role in shaping outcomes.


Crucially, field catalysts like Equimedia Advisors are dedicated to serving rather than leading. We prioritize collaboration over dominance, understanding that catalyzing lasting change requires collective expertise and partnership. We are driven by the belief that progress in this era's complex challenges demands the activation of an invisible hand—the force of collaboration, strategic connection, and shared goals—propelling all stakeholders towards a future of equitable, impactful transformation.

Field Catalysts

Our Theory of Change:


Empowering Communities and Catalyzing Equanomics in Journalism

Equimedia Advisors envisions a transformative theory of change rooted in the concept of "equanomics" – an innovative approach that bridges the gap between economic growth, societal well-being, and equal opportunities.

By focusing on sustainability for communities, Equimedia Advisors is a field catalyst that drives direct economic impact back to local communities, fostering a dynamic interplay between equitable socioeconomic progress and robust journalism ecosystems.

Theory of Change


Equimedia Advisors' theory of change embodies the provocative concept of equanomics, redefining success to encompass economic progress and societal well-being. By fostering empowered communities and community-led journalism, Equimedia Advisors disrupts the false separation between economy and society, propelling forward a transformative approach that amplifies impact, narrows gaps, drives direct economic impact back to local communities, and reshapes the role of media in a new era of equitable prosperity.

Equanomics as the Bedrock

Equimedia Advisors recognizes that the traditional dichotomy between economy, markets, and society is outdated. The organization adopts the philosophy of equanomics, which shifts the lens from GDP-centered growth to holistic well-being. Equanomics redefines success, valuing social indicators as much as economic metrics, aligning with Equimedia Advisors' commitment to inclusive narratives and empowered communities.

Empowering Communities

Equimedia Advisors initiates change by empowering communities. Through community engagement, dialogue, and collaborative initiatives, Equimedia Advisors elevates local voices, strengthens civic participation, and addresses systemic disparities. This empowerment creates a fertile ground for equanomics to take root, ensuring that communities actively contribute to sustainable development.

Community-Led Journalism

Equimedia Advisors recognizes that sustainable journalism is grounded in its ability to serve communities' needs. Equipping communities with media literacy skills, promoting grassroots journalism, and enabling authentic storytelling, Equimedia Advisors fosters a media ecosystem driven by and accountable to the people. This approach aligns with the equanomics ethos of providing equal opportunities for representation and impact.

Amplifying Equanomics Impact

As Equimedia Advisors strengthens communities, the equanomics mindset permeates journalism practices. Equitable narratives and community-driven journalism align with social indicators of quality of life, education, and health. This alignment reinforces equanomics' principles, with journalism becoming a conduit for fostering societal well-being and narrowing representation and information access gaps.

Equanomics' Resilience

Equimedia Advisors' economics-infused approach reinforces journalism and communities mutually. As economics-driven journalism thrives, it generates content that supports informed civic participation and empowered decision-making. Equanomics' resilience emerges as communities prosper economically, socially, and informationally, directly impacting the economic fabric of local areas.

Broader Societal Shifts

Equimedia Advisors' theory of change sets the stage for broader societal shifts. As equanomics gains traction, policymakers are compelled to prioritize citizens' well-being and equal opportunities. The success of Equimedia Advisors' initiatives feeds into the narrative of equanomics' effectiveness, advocating for a more balanced blend of capitalism and socialism that benefits all.

Who We Advise

Who We Advise

Philanthropic Organizations

Equimedia Advisors aligns with the values of philanthropic entities seeking to empower marginalized communities, amplify local voices, and drive meaningful social change.



Media outlets committed to cooperative journalism and inclusive representation will find a valuable ally in Equimedia Advisors, ensuring accurate, inclusive storytelling.

Local Governments & NGOs

Equimedia Advisors' mission aligns with local governments’ and NGOs goals to promote equitable support systems and foster a more robust democracy.



Foundations and place-based funders focused on community empowerment, equity, and inclusive strategies will find Equimedia Advisors a strategic partner in achieving their objectives.


Companies seeking to enhance their social impact and support equitable initiatives will benefit from aligning with Equimedia Advisors.

The Advisory

The Advisory



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